Using a Hamburger Menu for Conversion is Bullshit

Last week, an article entitled, “How Hamburger Menus Can Increase Your Conversion Rate” started making the rounds. It seems to keep showing up in all the usual places that help me keep up with the web. And it’s really pissing me off.

It starts like this:

Did you know that your website navigation can affect your conversion rate? Several studies have found that minimizing navigation on sign up pages increases conversion rates.

Huh. Don’t like where this is going. It doesn’t take long to get here:

One explanation for this is that less navigation means fewer distractions when users sign up. Visible text links can tempt users to click away from the page. Minimizing your navigation focuses the user’s attention on completing the form.

You know, fewer distractions. Like that pesky navigation that users rely on to get around a site. Just hide that shit and watch the frustration-induced clicks roll in. Nevermind that fact that there’s a growing chorus of voices positing that we should avoid hamburger menus altogether whenever possible.

Now, I’m not anti-hamburger menu. I actually advocate them in specific situations. But this here is the low rung of the internet, right there with SEO scammers and link-baiters. I’m frustrated that it’s getting attention for being a good idea.

Please, if you care about making the web better, don’t let this become a thing.