Netflix: Android, iPad, and Inbetween

Lots of people seem to be making a big deal that Netflix’s updated tablet app is coming to Android first, which, as an iPad owner, I suppose does matter somewhat. But as we wait for the iPad version to arrive, it’s worth examining a weird phenomenon that the current Netflix app brings to light.

As a native iPad app, Netflix’s offering pretty much stinks. I’ve never used an app that felt worse: it’s scrolling lags terribly, and the buttons are slow and unresponsive.  For most apps, that would be enough for me to throw it in the trash. But Netflix is different, because what they’re offering is so valuable. The truth is, being able to watch a movie or television show (from a huge & growing library) far outweighs the inconvenience of the sloppy user experience.

It’s the only app I can think of where this is the case, but it’s still worth noting how offering something truly valuable can overcome a less than steller execution.