Here We Go Again

So, welcome to my new personal site.

Of the many reasons why leaving my old site in favor of this one makes sense, one stands out more than any other. Over the past six months I’ve come to realize that the things I value aesthetically have changed drastically. It’s something that I’m still working out in my head. But I do know it has less to do with whether I like or dislike a design trend and more to do with the the fact that what I consider to be good or great design is not the same as it has been for the last ten years or so. And that’s a change I’m really excited about.

As I said, I’m still working out what this means exactly. I do know that it will greatly affect how I work going forward, and it will affect how my company works. My hope is that this space will give me the opportunity to work it out in writing, over the course of time.