Despite Aereo’s Shutdown, Internet Television is Inevitable

Despite Aereo’s Shutdown, Internet Television is Inevitable

Lately it seems like my favorites are disappearing daily. In the wake of Aereo shutting down its service on Saturday (due to last week’s Supreme Court Ruling), it feels like the internet took a giant step backwards.

But I’m not worried, because television on the internet is inevitable. Once an idea on the web has proven its validity, it’s only a matter of time before it shows back up again.

Take music for example.

I’m old enough to fondly remember the days of Napster and Audio Galaxy. While few could argue that getting an artist’s music for free is anything but unethical, the idea of transferring music digitally was a vastly better method of distribution than via a physical medium (like a CD). Like now, after these site were shut down there was a lull. Over the course of the next several years, online distribution of music began to twist and evolve, until finally coming out the other side as iTunes. iTunes proved that people would pay money for music again because of the convenience that web-based delivery afforded.

Like music, I believe television is headed for it’s own rapid evolution in the next few years. I don’t own a television. I don’t want one. But I loved the fact that I could watch television on my iPad. Just like before with music, it just felt like the obvious way of doing things. Of course you can watch tv on a tablet. It’s how it should be.

So, SCOTUS’s ridiculous, tech-illiterate decision aside, I’m as certain of the future as I am disappointed about Aereo’s present. Internet television is coming, now we just have to wait a little longer as the solution evolves.