New Ritual “Albatross” Compressor

New Ritual “Albatross” Compressor

A vintage-style compressor that isn’t

I recently finished what I’m calling the Albatross compressor, based on a Keeley 4-knob compressor. I had originally planned to build a modified Ross compressor and thought hiding the word Ross in the name was clever. Plus I never miss an opportunity for a Peter Green reference. The build changed but the graphic lives on, apparently.

Speaking of the graphic, this is the most sparse version that I’ve done in a long time—which may be why I like it so much. Fiesta red helps too.

Pedal in progress with soldering tools.

Going into the project I knew that I wasn’t going to sell it. It’s way too close to the Keeley version. So I felt free to set it up how I’d want, instead of what I thought might sell. I still built it under the New Ritual moniker, but I decided at the beginning I won’t be taking orders for this one. Something kind of cool about doing #1 of 1.

Pedal displayed sitting on a Vox AC4-12
(kind of a rat’s nest)