Limited Run: Rangemaster Treble Booster

Limited Run: Rangemaster Treble Booster

For a short while, I’ll be selling a limited run of Dallas Rangemaster clones on Reverb.

I’ve always loved Rangemasters. The 1966 original was one of the very first guitar effects ever created, meant to help brighten up the sound of British amplifiers from Marshall and Vox. The original incarnation wasn’t actually a stompbox, but instead were set on top of an amp, like an old cable box on a tv.

The version I make is a (fairly) true recreation of the original circuit, but with the addition of a polarity inverter to allow it to be plugged in (otherwise you’d be forced to use a 9v battery). I keep them unbranded because I love the simplicity of the plain white box—it makes it feel like such a workhorse.

I had some spare time over the holidays so I put together a run of ten (right now I have eight six left) of these to sell. I found a great-sounding set of NOS germanium transistors, so they’re even more amazing-sounding than usual.

Read more about the history of Rangemasters here.